Welcome to PFT 2015

Jae Park

Welcome to this exciting 66th PFT annual conference with the theme “Safe and Sustainable Seafood”.

I am delighted to serve as the president of the 66th Pacific Fisheries Technologists with pride. PFT has a unique tradition where three parties: industry, academia and government exchange the most up to date technical information during the 3-day program. Our membership covers every state from Alaska to Mexico along the Pacific Ocean and often includes fellow visitors from Pacific Rim countries as well. This year we have a sizable contingent of overseas attendees. I would like to personally welcome each of our overseas attendees and extend the hospitality and social interaction that are PFT traditions. I hope to continue our relationship with seafood technologists overseas beyond attendance at our 2015 annual meeting.

Year 2015 is unique for the OSU Seafood Lab, which was established in 1940, as we celebrate its 75th anniversary. On behalf of the professors, staff and students we are delighted that we have played a major role to keep PFT successful and meaningful. I am confident our tradition and commitment will continue for many years to come.

I would like to make special thanks for our eight sponsors, Pacific Seafood, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI), Infratab, Silgan, Seafood Products Association (SPA), Bumble Bee, Ocean Beauty and Eagle Certification for their generous donations. This sponsorship will keep our non-profit organization PFT moving forward as a platform for technology exchange amongst our industry.

As the highlights of PFT 2015 we have three keynote addresses and a banquet speech covering sustainable/traceable and safe seafood. This will assure how sustainable our two major fisheries (Pacific whiting and Alaska pollock) in the Pacific Northwest and Bering Sea are and how traceable our major fish is from the ocean to the plate while keeping food safety as the first priority.

For those who are first time visitors, Astoria is rich in history situated near the mouth of the Columbia River. The city was named after the American investor John Jacob Astor whose American Fur Company established Fort Astoria at the site in 1811. Astoria has been called “Little San Francisco” and has plenty of sightseeing destinations as well as local entertainment. Enjoy your visit.

I am thankful for the 2015 executive committee and area representatives for their guidance and assistance. My special thanks go to “Team OSU” members, who have spent enormous time and tremendous efforts to organize the 66th PFT at the highest level of technology, entertainment and social networks. Dr. Christina DeWitt handled numerous contacts with speakers/poster presenters as technical program director, Sue Hansell and Angee Hunt for keeping me/everything on track and taking a leadership role in handling food/drinks, booklet production, registration and transportation. Dr. Yi-cheng Su kept us on track to manage our budget in a wise manner. Dr Craig Holt, as web master, kept all programs updated. All preparations for the exciting 66th PFT could not have been done without our member’s spirit of teamwork.

The future of PFT relies on our ability to transfer our long and successful tradition to young, energetic leaders from the various fields encompassed by PFT. I would like to ask those who think they say you look 50's or older to reach out to youngsters to share our tradition and success. I would like to see more youngsters in the years to come for our bright future.

Are you ready for this exciting 3-day party? I wish you to truly enjoy the 66th PFT conference.

Jae W. Park
President, PFT 2014-2015