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Jae Park

“Safe and Sustainable Seafood” is the theme of the 66th PFT annual conference to be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites Astoria from Sunday, March 1 thru Wednesday, March 4 in Astoria, a city rich in history situated near the mouth of the Columbia River and named after the American investor John Jacob Astor whose American Fur Company established Fort Astoria at the site in 1811. Astoria has been called “Little San Francisco” and has plenty of sightseeing destinations as well as local entertainment.

I am delighted to serve as the president of the 66th Pacific Fisheries Technologists with pride. PFT has a unique tradition where three parties: industry, academia and government exchange the most up to date technical information during the 3-day program. Our membership covers every state from Alaska to Mexico along the Pacific Ocean and often includes fellow visitors from Pacific Rim countries as well.

Our organizing committee, “Team OSU”, is willing to serve attendees at the highest level of technology, entertainment and social networks. Our Technical Program Director, Christina DeWitt, will post our program outline covering “Safe and Sustainable Seafood”. We also hope to bring more industry folks to this PFT. Therefore we will create more attractive programs for our friends from industry; perhaps a special program (1-day) if they cannot make it for the entire 3 days. The future of PFT relies on our ability to transfer our long and successful tradition to young, energetic leaders from the various fields encompassed by PFT. Team OSU along with industry leaders will make extra efforts to include and welcome our future leaders.

As the highlight of the PFT annual Banquet, Tuesday March 3, Mr. Frank Dulcich, CEO/President of Pacific Seafood, has agreed to give a keynote address covering his business: past, present and future for a safe and sustainable seafood industry. Pacific Seafood is the sole sponsor of the banquet.

We encourage you to submit your abstracts and to contact us to become a sponsor. Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is the sole sponsor of the Student Competition. Portland Int'l Airport (PDX) and Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport (Sea-Tac, SEA) are the two major airports serving Astoria. Our Team OSU will find a way to bring you to Astoria for those who register by February 1.

Jae W. Park
President, PFT 2014-2015
Professor, Oregon State University
Director, OSU Surimi School